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Today Holi celebrations at Osmania University was memorable and very distinct. Any one who have studied in Osmania University will experience the spirit of Telangana once they feel the air, touch the land, beauty of green trees, who have hidden all truths, movements.. specially Arts college has not only beautiful appearance but also in seeing and producing many great student leaders

Holi is a National festival, only festival where every one celebrates it irrespective of caste, class , religion and region. This Holi for Telangana activists is very special at Arts College, people, cutting across all sections professors to students, activists to leaders and politicians from different parties, student organisations. Very major attraction are children and women, though they were in small numbers, who brought colors to the event.

Today’s Holi at Arts College is memorable. It was a lrage gatherring. Students from all organisations. There were TRSV, ABVP, TVYS, TSO, Telangana Vidyarthi Vedika, and other forums. Several Telangana organisations like Telangana Aikya Karyacharana, Telangana Journalists Forum, Telangana Rachayitala Sangham, Telangana IT Forum, Telangana Utsav Committee, TDF, TVV, cultural organisations and several other groups, perhaps one of the largest student gatherings in the city.

Little soldier Amulya songs of ‘Aadudhaam Dappula daruveyiraa. ..’ had great applause. Songs of Telangana Kokila, Jang Prahlad, Kishore, Daruvu Ellanna were so much appreciated and went well with the spirit of celebrations.

Arts college wore a new environment today with songs , kolatam and students in big numbers celebrating the festival of colours in the traditional way of Telangana. Kolatalu, telangana gunde chappullaina dappulu, daruvulu, bathukamma paata, slogans and songs..everything is Telangana. Antharantharallonch i pellubikina paatalu, teen maarlu, prathi okkaru rangullo munigi aaduthu maimarachina prathi kshanam..highly memorable

Students of all hostels poured into the arts college lawns. Teaching and hostel staff also joining the students in applying colours and singing. Arts college grounds did not have any buses and traffic from outside. Any late comer had to get down at a distance and trickle down into the sea of celebrations.

All the participants raised slogans like Jai Telangana and ‘Vaadevadu Veedevadu, Telanganaku Addavedu’, Holi Hai. It was great way of celebrating unity and our traditions of togetherness. It was riot of colours. From morning 8.30 to about 12.30 noon the students played and listened to the cultural programmes.

Bandaru Dattatreya, Padma Rao, Nayini Narsimha Reddy, Eetala Rajender, and activits like Pashyam Yadagiri, Sridhar Deshpande, Mallepalli Laxmaiah, TDF friends among others joined holi celebrations

Students protested Congress playing cheating tactics and the politicians playing hide and seek. They paraded effigies of Uppunuthala and a few other congress leaders. Shouted “Abhi abhi kya huva?. Sonia Gandhi Margaya!”. Vinuthna reethi lo theevra nirasanalu.. daga chesi, daabu choopisthunna nethalandariki santhapam.. Shava yatralu, dahana sanskaralu, korivi ..Uppunuthala nundi kaka varaku..abhivrudhi paata paduthunna komati venkatareddy nundi chinnareddy varaku..They didnt even leave ‘Jana’ Reddy and Madhu Yashki..chillara paisalu vesthu, chavu dappulu koduthu.

There were so many TV channels. It was telecast on several channels. TJF Musi TV covered the entire program. Without Pittala Srisailam i cant even imagine any Telanganan event..He loves and lives for Telangana, he is their with whole family..one can feel proud by just seeing him..Entho activega palgone IT forum Naveen achari, TSO,TRSV leaders..and many more, inbetween Yadagir Anna, Ikya Karya Charana Committee was informing and inviting about Bhongir Dhoom Dham, the rally starts from Amaraveerula sthupam at Nampally and he says that every way should lead to bhongir on two wheelers and cars etc, another invitation was distributed by Ashok Chettupally regarding 4th April, Amara veerula samsmarana dinam..all telanangana news around.

How many festivals we really celebrate with all our people and that too with great spirit and great Cause in spite of all odds..University police blocked two main entrances..only that much they could do..This is awesome, i never experienced and saw any other festival like this.. i doubt, thats why i felt its very distinct, though it was a holiday, ‘holi’ day few activists came with family..celebrated their joy with others..that was amazing to see and feel.

We don’t know how far our telangana is, we never know how many more leaders will stab our mother land and how many will sell our lives again and again..but we definitely know that one day we will see our dream come true, a few may deceive but many more will raise their voice for telangana..There are still true and honest voices keeping up the spirit and inducing to many.. today’s holi gives me great hopes to some more festivals like this and celebrating holi in our own state proudly..

mana aata paata, anubhavalu, anubhuthulu, aatupotlu..jeevitha m anni telangana..

Jai Telangana..

Sujatha Surepally.