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I have been attending Martyr’s day programme at Clock Tower regularly. I just go there without any invitation and just join others. This time I happened to be one of the members in the organizing team. After long frustration of seeing looting politics, one can get motivation and inspiration from several senior telanganites who continue the tradition of remembering martyrs (Amara Veerulu). They continue the tradition of keeping the memories live and introducing the spirit to younger generation by putting in whatever small little resources they have. This is the event to listen to their experiences, difficult times and get renewed energy..

Every time I go there i find some changes in the surroundings. The garden park has changed (reduced a lot), road has widened. Opposite to the memorial there was a Capital Markets Ltd, TIFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance, Sony World and Spicy Touch Multi Cuisine Restaurant. My heart bleeds and i search for small little trace of our culture and telangana in that place. If any one is familiar with Secunderabad Clock tower they can smell the Garden Hotel’s Biryani and common people’s place to relax. But now the entire area is in ‘Capital’ fold.. previously there use to be book stall, few vendors who sell their small little things, chai and gup chup bandis..Now its the ‘Corporate World’, some say ‘inevitable development’ , what is Development? Yesterday i heard from Nageswar Rao (MLC) quoting Bill Clinton’s words when he visited India. Mr. Clinton had mentioned that having internet in every village is not development but drinking water facility in every village must be our concern. Everything is changing including the mindset of our people, caught up in the buzz word of development. Not our culture, not ‘our people’s development.

One more day has come to remember our martyrs who sacrificed their life in 1969 telangana movement. This time gathering has become large slightly at Clock Tower. Mr. Narsing Rao, Dr. Sridhar Reddy, Sridhar Deshpande, P.J. Suri, Guda Anjanna, Dr. Vidya Sagar Rao (BJP), Pashyam Yadagiri anna and others came. After lighting the lamps in the memorial with Joharulu songs there were couple of speeches by Dr. Sridhar Reddy, Guda Anjaiah, along with felicitations to each.

Our regular friends Pittala Srisailam with his family, Ramesh Hazare, Vithal ,TDF members and many more were there.

Guda Anjaiah explained current situation of Telangana and how it was looted by many political parties and leaders. Telangana oka Gayam, Udyama roopam..kolimi lantidi, evvaru deenni apleru.. Only with strong movement we can achieve Telangana, he told. He concluded his speech with a song ‘Nanu ganna Naa Talli Naa Telangana..’ .

Later Dr. Sridhar Reddy gave inspiring lecture that Telangana is not only a regional struggle, battles but its a symbol of Love, emotion, life and a great spirit of self respect.

Vidya Sagar Rao spoke well regarding the Congress situation , though they differ ideologically with Congress but they give all support to the bill and he went on explaining how many lands have been sold by this current and previous Govt. He gave statistics of Assigned lands, Inam lands, temple lands etc. Land distribution was never done properly.

Mr. Narsing Rao (director) spoke briefly and the programme was concluded.

Some of my activist friends Usha Kumari, Seetha lakshmi, Radha Reddy and Vimala joined the memorial meet. Vimala had plans of reading poems in memory of the martyrs. It couldn’t happen for want of time.

Last part of event which is interesting programme and very important for me is ‘Annadanam’, every one will be given water, butter milk and a food. At least some people are fed, may be the souls of our martyrs, some where, would feel happy that their sacrifices have not gone wasted and that they are remembered. Also there are some people are fed on this occasion.

Absence of many others on this occasion is conspicuous. I still wonder how any politician could forget this day. How these activists miss this event? May be tired, or may be ‘BUSY’ with more important work, I try to console in vain..

I still wish that all the organizations must come forward, and invite all the parents or relatives of the martyrs (some of them used to come before) to this memorial and make it a great inspiration day for the current activities. Celebrate the martyrs day in every district and turn into a week long celebration to stir the souls to become active members of the movement and take the movement to nook and corner.

Johar Johar Amara Veerulaku,
Jai telangana

Sujatha Surepally.

* * *