It’s very unfortunate to see current by(buy) election political scenario turning so disgusting. Today, police have lifted/ abducted 7 contestants from Polepalli when they were campaigning at ‘Kauramma Santha’. Police abductions of contestants, in violation of basic democratic norms, is perhaps to hide challenging voices away from CM’s election visit to the area. Prabhuvula mundhu dhikkara swaraalaa? Andhunaa athi maamoolu prajalu, niluva needalekunda cheyabadina saamaanyula dhikkaaramaa? Prabhuvula dhana bala pradarsana mundhu prathi okkaru talavonchukunna praanthamlo saamanyula saahasamaa?

Abuse of power and attrocioties against the constestants is the height of deminic rule that we have now in andha Pradesh. Police didnt even see that there were also women, who for the first time came out to tell the world that they have lost their lives and sought justice form the civil society. Contestants of Jadcherla assembly bye elections include Mogulamma (45), Sathemma (35), Mala Jangilamma (above 50), Etti Lingaiah (50), Kanduri Kurmaiah (45), Repally Yadaiah (25), Gopala Krishna (40). Police abducted them around 4.30 pm from Kouramma village and took them to Bandameedhi Palle, volluru, Devunigattu Thanda. Sathemma fainted after 3 hours of forced rounds to the villages. They brought her to Jadcherla area and vanished like thieves. Madhu Kagula and others joined them in Hospital. They called media and gave the news of contestants being harassed by the ruling parties. They also lodged written complaint to RDO and election commission.

What does today’s events reveal? Does common man or woman in Telangana has the right to have a say in today’s politics? Is it the cleverly drafted drama of a few rich and criminal forces? What telangana are we talking about? Are elections only a business of the buyers and brokers of power to loot the common masses and mortgage all the wealth and hopes of the lands to SEZ kind of cheats?

How can any political party keep silent if their MLA contestants get idnapped/abducted from campaign? Is their any answer to this simple question in Telangana? We are all silent just because they are poor and have no background to claim of ill gotten wealth and power, and above because they are saying no to mainstream political gimmicks. They are not contesting today to become MLAs and are not aspiring to join hands with the rulers from this or that party to kill more farmers. They are contesting today because every political party is making money out of their woes and deaths. They are contesting only to say that their lives are not for sale

These contestants don’t even have enough for their meal. Their campaign is threatening the big political parties? Shame on their part. And shame on their part to resort to hundred dubious means to silence these voices! All that these contestants spend is not even equal to the ‘snacks’ and drinks of the other leaders/ chemchas.

Its normal to expect if any political leader visiting a particular village to talk about local problems. What does any party today have to talk of 41 farmers deaths in Polepalli SEZ? Bring us power and see more deaths??

Surprisingly all visionaries of all parties contesting Jadcherla are silent and blind to the crime of farmers killings in Polepalli!!

Polepalli SEZ that is a big issue in media, public, across nation and the world (its also published in South Asian land watch Journal), issue of more than 1000 acre land, lives of poor, women, environment. Unfortunately all leaders are dead silent of the farmers’ deaths. No leader utters a ‘word’ when ruling party directly ‘lifted’ contestants!

That’s perhaps the congress style of ‘uplifting the poor’. It may be crocodile tears or election time wisdom at least TDP leaders, did speak about Polepalli tragedy and the BJP, though they were not contesting, stood with Polepalli tribal people.

Elections today are business and every party is little dirtier than the other. Deaths of our people do not matter at all and only votes of the dying people are needed today. Every party begs for the dying man to vote before he /she dies

Liquor is flowing in every village, air conditioned vehicles roam for campaign, cell phones are offered as gifts and free drinks to polling officers. Money is flowing like nobody’s business.

Can any movement sustain in such situation? Either you sell yourself or you be silent, Long Live ‘our’ leaders with ‘single point agenda’ Polepalli is also asking only single question ‘please give our lands back’. Please don’t trade our lives for power and money
Telangana is not geographical boundaries and a few seats of power to some nethas.

Ayyallara, Ammallara..anyayanni anyayam anamani andarini peru peru na koruthunna. Poor of our land are not beggars. They are also contributors to our economy and our society. Let them also stand for elections if they want to, like any one, let them also do their own campaign in their own small little way, if not AC vehicles in their seven seater autos, if not beers and biryanis but with empty stomachs with water packets in burning hot summer, if not in big moneyed garjanas and rallies but in their palle/ Santhas with their families.
They are cautioning everyone not to lose lands in future, not to believe these brokers who promise something and do nothing, redefining electoral politics that not only rich and power brokers but also the poor and women can also contest! That they have to raise their voice against state terrorism..

We Polepalli SEZ Vyathireka Committee strongly condemn brutal undemocratic heinous acts of the state

Jai Telangana,
Sujatha Surepally