Telangana People world wide for separate state-Hunger strike in Hyderabad

Hunger strike for our separate state is a memorable experience. A great move that all TNRI’s across the globe came together and took part in fasting on Sunday. Remarkable initiative indeed.

I attended Hyderabad group at Kaloji Bhavan. So touching it was to see parents of Telangana NRIs. There were also NRI friends – Sriram Vedere, Vinode Elete, Sridhar, Gajula Buchanna, Gulf friends among others. TDF elders BV Rao garu and DP Reddy garu actively coordinated the event. Buchanna is bysy in communicating the message and addressing the media. My gurus Prabhakar and Haranath sir were also there for solidarity. Bathukamma movie director, Raju Boora, our media friends Ramesh Hazare, MUSI TV presented. Gujja Biksham called to say that even in Europe some friends joined nirahara deeksha.

Veteran Konda Laxman Bapuji joined the occasion. A special feature of the day I consider for him to meet activists on the occasion. He shared his ideas on building the movement for separate state. V Prakash of TRS was there speaking his heart

It was solidarity, sharing of experiences, introspection and concerns for the future. Where have we come to now- hunger strike for elections? When will the state be achieved and how will our people be mobilized and strengthened to make the rulers incapable of negating our statehood?

Viplav Reddy’s father gave historical account of separate state movement. Muslim women participants expressed their views on Gulf victims and Telangana.

Konda Laxman Bapuji explained the recent developments for separate state from the day TRS was housed in his residence and electoral process and how it became victim of Sonia mercy as it lacked a peoples movement. He shared copies of a two page note on the issue. While appreciating the hunger strike he insisted that the movement has to be beyond elections and not only during and for elections. Movement has to build pressurize so that Telangana is not only a question of winning a few MLA seats or MP seats. That alone will put pressure on Delhi rulers and compel them to create a separate state. He cited example of Potti Sriramulu’s nirahara deeksha. It was not his death but the tremendous pressure from the civil society and the strength of the movement on the ground that compelled the Govt to listen to the demands of the movement. Effective movement on Gandhian lines alone will throw out the Andhra exploitative system according to him.

Also important news is Muslim men and women talking about the problems of Gulf victims, the role of Govt and telangana. Shocking details were revealed by Gulf friends that many of our people are in jails and those who have come back all the way to Telangana are committing suicides due to lack of support systems. Many of our farmers migrating to other places for survival are also in deplorable situation. No one knows whether they are safe or not, especially women and children.

Friends appealed that we need to come together to address these issues also while building the movement for separate state. Movement and leaders cannot be blind to the problems of our people and their deaths. Lost things are never gained back- especially time and human lives are so precious. Also precious our natural resources and jobs are getting robbed now. How many days we can keep quite and see this loot and political irrelevance? If we fail to address people’s problems we need to develop only graveyards.

Film director of “Bathukamma” explained difficulties in releasing movie and problems he faced with censor board, producers etc. There is cold response and its frustrating, he told. What a sad state of affairs in telangana, after many decades one film has come with great difficulty and we are not able to act to screen it in our own cities and towns??? Is it not for our political parties and peoples organizations to respond to small efforts of challenging Andhra cultural hegemony? It was disturbing to see an enterprising film maker sharing his frustration at the indifference he faced

Polepalli farmers deaths and anti SEZ struggle was discussed. Friends expressed solidarity with peoples demand to withdraw SEZ, condemn the atrocities and killings in Polepalli.

TRS Prakash gave real insights into the current political scenario. He admitted that the TRS party has only single point agenda of achieving separate state only through winning adequate seats in assembly and parliament. He admitted that there are several constraints and limitations of the party in addressing people’s issues. He expressed many things openly where they are failing in building the party and a people’s movement. It was people’s organizations that need to be real champions in the cause, he told. He clarified some of our friends questions though.

Telangana friends here and abroad have to think seriously of real solutions to the challenge of our separate state. How we integrate elections and movements on peoples issues, state movement, arresting the loot of our resources and jobs, make politics people focused, current issues and long term goals

Hunger strike is covered well by media and hope voices of our people worldwide is heard by everyone concerned.

TDF efforts are highly commendable in bringing all people together for the event.

Hope this spirit continues and brings together more and more people from thousands of villages and build a movement that brings down Delhi rulers to accept Telangana demand. Let this spirit continue after elections also and not rest till we achieve our state and let many approaches and strategies join together to achieve our goal.

Hope all other parts of the world also had successful day.

Jai telangana,
Sujatha Surepally