Today we visited Venkatamma in Badepally Govt hospital. She lost all hopes and consumed poison and is critical. Madhu Kagula is there with them from yesterday to give confidence that there are still people who honor their struggle and understand their concern. That there are people who respect one’s bond with the land and the pain of umbilical cord with mother earth being chopped off.

U. Sambasiva Rao, writer and activist , Mahajan Party and a few friends accompanied me to Polepally Rally, organised by Polepally SEZ Vyathireka Ikya Sanghtana, TIKC. From there we took rally with Polepally SEZ demands Banner up to MRO office. There were more Police than us in the office. Polepally people alert Govt machinery, save their insecurity and guilty. With slogans and requisition letter we stood in front of the MRO office in the rain. Media was with us. Finally Superintendent came out and heard the grievance. We spoke about our demands and the immediate need was to address the problem of unemployment.

Wage labor, kooli pani, we put forward as the main demand. That was the main reason for Venkatamma to commit suicide. They are five members in the family and none of them got any work in the SEZ company. Mr. Bucha Reddy, who is in-charge of hiring people for SEZ, relative of TRS MLA Sri Laxma Reddy living in Laxma Reddy’s house, refused to hire most of the Polepally people who lost their lands. Bucha Reddy brought many laborers from outside starving the local poor who lost the lands and continued to fight the SEZ. Pundu meeda kaaram challinattu. vaalla kalla munde vaalla polaallo kooli panikuda dorakani dourbhaagyam. tiffin dabba tho roju niraasaga pani dorakaka initiki aakalitho niraasatho tirigi raavadam. Not easy to imagine the trauma of the family that is willing to work as slaves in their own lands for the land grabbers but are refused to digest the height of helplessness to feed one’s children even after losing everything that is valuable in life. People who were self sufficient until recent times when the evil eyes fell on their lands. One starving and begging for labour who had once 9 acres of land and would be feeding several others. Superintendent assured in front of media that by tomorrow he will make sure that every one will get work in the company. One has to see if it is true and for how many days it will be.

SEZ work is going very fast. All the companies are ready with fencing and big walls. The days are not very far that all the villagers will be thrown out once all these companies finish their work. It is sad. A paradox in front of one’s eyes! What are we asking for? Work to build one’s grave?? But is there anything else the civilized society and all our wisdom can offer anything as alternative to the Polepllay victims? Polepally people not only lost their lands but also working hard to build all those very companies killing them. valla chemata, raktham tho vaalla samadhulu kattukuntunnaru,.SEZ dorala vaalla agentla paisala daahaaniki balavutunnaru

Monsoon started and the land preparation works are in progress. Rest all farmers are busy with their farm work. What sin our poor farmers did for being starving and unemployed

Me and Madhu are feeling like beggars when we are asking for work to our Polepalli farmers in the SEZ company. We know that many women and men are abused badly, injured, ignored, not paid properly by these SEZ lords. But these people have no option. At least work is necessary to survive for one more day.

It is live show of watching for ourselves how Telangana is deteriorating today. How we are losing our astitva our respect and identity. How day by day we are becoming puppets in the hands of corporate/ political deceit. Movement should continue till they get justice. Why not the Govt or these political parties who can spend crores of rupees in elections can’t fulfill their demands of giving daily wage? After all what are they asking- proper compensation, resettlement and jobs to work?? Is that a sin this great development oriented government or the political parties cannot afford to fulfill.
Leaders are playing dirty games still, they are trying to show some biscuits to some people, calling them individually and offering some interesting packages. One should learn from them how to destroy our villages and our lives.

One more appeal to all friends, please do something to stand by these people who are in great need of our support.

Support now before it is late. Nothing more to say, except shedding tears along with Polepalli.. We are soon going to miss some of our beautiful villages, our life, region, culture and the valiant spirit of not compromising or surrendering till the last breath. Living to die till the last breath

Jai Telangana.
Jai Jai Veera Telangana
Sujatha surepally.