Our friends don’t seem to learn anything even after major defeat in May 2008. They exhibit same talk that is six years old. They say that TRS has not lost anything on May 29 although every Telanganite has felt so hurt and disappointed.

There are hundred arguments friends put forth to say that money, rigging, caste, liquor, heat wave of summer, migration etc have affected the TRS vote bank. Above all ‘ignorant’,’uneducated’ telangana people..

Good to hear all these arguments but not good at all to cure the ailment, regain the respect and strength. It is absurd to see our friends arguing that people’s issues were not at all the reason for failure of TRS.

Polepally SEZ isn’t any reason for the May 2008 mandate, because the congress has won in Jadcherla in spite of Polepally and TDP couldn’t win in Nizamabad despite Babli struggle that TDP has done. So our friends declare that Telangana people are not voting on the basis of any party’s performance on people’s problems

It is sad that some ‘analysts’ conclude that Telangana voters are bought by money bags of Congress and TDP

These friends are doing more damage by such blindness and ignorance which has already brought TRS and image of Telangana movement to such stage where the founder of TRS himself wanted to resign

inkaa masi poosi maaredukaaya cheyadam manchidi kadhu

I have a few submissions on the poll results

  • People are very much interested in what any party is doing about people’s problems. That’s why TRS has not got reelected in so many places and got less votes now than what it had in 2004. Polepally did affect as much as TRS failure to act on Hyderabad airport, inaction on 610 GO, Pothireddypadu, sale of lands, loot of our rivers. TRS became a party without any interest in peoples problems
  • People are watching what use the politicians are. They want action and concrete stand on issues. Thy may be asking for trivial benefits or major issues like the rivers, jobs, lands etc
  • People are not sold in the elections. It is the politicians who are sold out before elections and during elections. Andhra Jyoti published how the contestants and parties are sold out. It is not fair to say for any telangana activist or ‘intellectuals’ that Telangana people are sold just because we lost the seats. Were same telangana people not sold in 2004 because we won the seats? Lets not hide or act blind to the illness we started suffering from in last few years
  • If people are sold and sarpanchs are sold why the Polepally contestants got around 9000 votes without spending a single rupee as bribes. All that they spent was a lakh rupees (besides nomination fee of Rs 60000) for which they got 8600 votes. Why these 9000 voters were not sold out to Congress or TDP? Were these 8600 voters belonging to rich families or forward castes so they were not lured by money? Because we have the crazy belief and dirty tendency of saying that poor and vulnerable people are sold or lured by money.
  • Why migration and summer heat wave affect only our voters and not Congress or TDP voters? Why Telangana Vaadham was weak with the summer wave?
  • Where is the cadre in TRS? Where are women and weaker sections? TDP won just on BC votes in addition to money bags.

Let’s not blame the people and the Congress & TDP which stole 9 MLA and 2 MP seats from us

Let us wake up and do real examination to cure the disease before it is too late for surgery

Silence on Polepally, Pothireddypadu, Polavaram, 610 GO etc cost us very much. Our blindness to see the truth costed us more

No party can think of winning the elections only by money. Let us think of serving the people instead of getting into making elections and democracy a profiteering business

Let us not talk that our people are sold to money and let us not say that we will continue to ignore Polepally and other problems. Let us stop talking that we will win all seats next time if we have more money. It is strange that some friends reduce politics and movements to money.

Great Telangana struggle of 1969 did not win because of money, TDP did not overthrow congress regime by money and many who won from TRS did not have money to match their opponents. Stop justifying our failure for having less money.

Let us talk of how to get the people with clean image and who can symbolize hope. Let us examine who are the best candidates who are with peoples issues. Let us stop just aping congress or TDP. We cannot match them even if we want to in money matters.

If we realize our faults then we can improve otherwise the path is clear where we will lead to

Jai Telangana

Sujata Surepally