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Today Fateh Maidan, the center of Hyderabad, was flooded with Polepalli SEZ Victims. Hundreds of farmers including men and women, old and young came to Hyderabad to tell the APIIC authorities of their woes and give them their demands.

There were many activists in the dharna. Police reached there in large number before any one can imagine, they were pestering for hundred details of the protesters

Polepalli farmers took placards and banners. The took rally with banners and placards sat in front of APIIC. Broght the polepally poru keka to Hyderabad. The air echoed with slogans”SEZ hatao, Zameen Bachao”, “Polepalli SEZ etthiveyyali”, “Maa neellu maa bhoomulu maaku kaavali”

The cry of losing their land/identity, lost lives are expressed in different forms. Women were singing their tragedy .vennelo vennelaa, chinta chetlu emaaye vennelo vennelaa”..The song was flowing like river, asking where has food gone where our lands go and how did our values and culture erode Polepally women raised the issues that demand our politicians and authorities to explain what is eating away the resources and killing our people

Few songs from Mahaboobnagar activists inspired many. Police were restless to see the streets echoing with cry of Polepally. Employees from all floors of Ayakar bhavan peeped out of windows curiously. A large gathering of farmers in their building was news! Media reached in big numbers, and many journalists spoke to the protesting farmers. Print media and TVs carried the event Chokkamma, who lost her husband, spoke to media. She told we are ready to lose our lives but not our lands. What is use of our living without land to feed our children?, she asked.

Thanks to JayaPrakash Telangana and Dileep, for giving effectively designed placards and banners and sending them on time. Dilip was there throughout the programme supporting in many ways. It doesnt matter whether one is far or near, commitment is the matter. It is interesting to have NRIs know our peoples struggles while unfortunately some of the intellectuals here are ignorant of the Polepally agitation

Protestors decided to fight till the end, they said, pranalaina vadultham gani, bhumulodili pomu. They said they want their lands back, they dont want any SEZs.

Pashyam Yadagiri and Madhu kagula spoke to media. They said, ma bhoomulanu lakkoni broker lekka pani chestundi APIIC, pEdha vaallaku vere dhaaredi, dikkedi? if it continues like this ma bondalni ikkadne thechi pathi pedtham,

Madhu further explained pathetic situation of farmers who lost trees, livelihoods, lives etc. Chokkamma, kurmaiah, seenaiah, sathemma all spoke how SEZ is ruining their lives to media.

Then we heard that Devender Goud is also going to join the protestors in support of Polepalli SEZ victims. Media became alert and many people suddenly joined the protest. Mr. Goud, simply came and sat with farmers on the road, joined his voice with slogans, heard farmers.

His message in support of telangana and SEZ is very apt and timely. He said APIIC is doing daalari/ broker job to serve anti poor forces by taking lands from these poor farmers. We dont want such development in our region, how do all these farmers survive without their lands? We will support the issue and be with Polepally farmers till the end. Its not development but destruction, he said.

Present Govts are looting people’s land by paying least amount, he also mentioned about greater Hyderabad, Huda etc, how they are evicting people.

His presence gave lots of strength to the protest. Protestors were happy and encouraged by Goud’s involvement. They cried and expressed their pain to him. He also assured that he will visit Polepally soon and support the struggle. Police locked the APIIC gate, Goud asked them to open and allow farmers and media to come into APIIC. Managing director of APIIC was absent as expected. We all went to 5th floor to present memorandum to Mr. Muralidhar Reddy, Goud explained the situation and asked for reply as soon as possible.

His presence gave great inspiration to the movement. Perhaps he is the first politician, who responded immediately with issue.

Dilip did a wonderful job by updating website http://polepally.wordpress.com, Musi Tv, Telangana Utsav have also put up the event timely. Thenks to all of them and several other friends who have stood with the protestors in many ways.Polepally protestors going to organise the Public Hearing shortly as part of fighting for justice.

What they have achieved with this? many people questioned me, every event brings hope for tomorrow, now APIIC do not dare to grab land just for peanuts, issue gave warning to many politicians that they are watching every party/body, many intellectuals are also coming forward, many psuedo activists are out of genuine movements as they cant stand..many more..

“Poradithe poedemundi banisa sankellu thappa”..the struggle continues..

Jai Telangana!

Sujatha Surepally.