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I consider D4D site will be beginning of the new era in empowering oppressed communities. Its a platform to unite all the members who are looking for just society, a society where there is no discrimination in the name of ‘caste’, gender, class.

The current situation in India or else where is very alarming inerms of poor or depressed classes.Today’s ‘development’ is concentrated on looting the ‘poor’ and building the ‘rich’. Poor in India are oppressed sections, the SC,ST, or BCs. We are still victims of the ‘top to down’ policies. We never look into our people, who are more than 70%, more than 50% are illeterates and depend on agriculture, living in rural areas. Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedker, struggled a lot for eduated, middle class community and himself agreed that he has wasted all energies on ‘one class’ which is not bothered about down trodden, most vulnerable sections. He also said our own community is also suffering with class and caste barriers. Its a big question infront of us ..why?

We have to live and understand one reality that today there is no ‘welfare state’, its only corporate bodies which are ruling India, that to by dominant castes. Unfortunately our own people are also became ‘chamchas’ in their hands, one way we are going backwards saying its not ‘Bahujan’, the Kanshiram’s vision but its ‘sarvajan’, any one, who read Ambedkar, Phule and Periyar will understand the danger signals behind it.

In the name of Special Economic Zones, Ring Roads, International companies so called Govt are destroying backward class sections, specially ‘dalits’. All assigned lands are taken by Govt saying that its for nations development. Today we are fighting for reservations in Corporate sectors, shares also..every one knows that its not possible, even it looks like possible it will not benefit our people. One way we are bargaining for our middle class youth but we are ignoring, 80% S.C, ST,OBCs who are dependent on land and land based activities by losing our lands.

Whos ‘deveopment’ or what ‘development’ we are talking about? its only 1% of our community, who are in big positions, can we claim that depressed classes are equal to other classes in this ‘hitech’ world? how come there are increasing number of atrocities on dalits, still dalit women were raped and harassed, our children are hired in big homes? how do we measure our own ‘development’?. These are the indicators of our own ‘growth’, not who became rich and how many got jobs and business opportunities.

In India there are no poor/dalit policies, they still consider that we are beggars and at receiving end, Gandhi introduced this beggars policy and still continuing in our blood, one way they say that 2 Rs. Kilo rice, 25 n.p interest loans for women, free current for farmers(what to do with current when there is no land).

There are few things which Govt help or can do for us, its only health, education and employment. Please observe the trends on each sector, education is never free in India, they failed to give quality education in Govt schools, filled with our communities. Nowadays, they are talking about english and corporate education, how many of you think our children will benefit out of it. Second, is health, due to mal nutrition, lack of food, un higenic conditions, our people are more in need of public health, no Govt hospital services funtion properly and we depend on corporate hospitals, which costs our lives, we sell our lands, properties whatever we have to save our lives. Regarding the employment, every one knows that there are no Govt jobs today, Govt itself in the hands of world bank, who will assure jobs? We are cleverly bargaining shares in the public sectors, which means ‘genocide’ of our people, how many of our people are ready to take up those opportunity?..few will benefit, no doubt but do they turn back to society? Before asking for shares in private sectors, we need to build, upgrade our youth to take, grab those opportunities.

My biggest criticism on our community is, how many of us, educated, employed are really giving/going back to our people? many of us are puppets in the dominant system/ leaders, who belong to upper castes, many of us are cought up in ‘middle class’ values, they dont lead any where. Why only non-dalits help our communities? not even one scholorship/sponsorer we receive from our people, not even one person respond to our problems? I know , first time our community is enjoying benefits of the society, they dont want to share but can we spare least percentage as a responsiblity?

What can we do now? I think, we are already divided among caste, classe, gender, region or religion. We need to unite now, unless we are united nothing is possible. We have to believe our own people than others, there is always one selfish section in every community, lets identify who is our friend or foe, its not big deal though. We need to enter in every sector, so that we will have a strong hold in the society. We have to encourage our own people , need to re-invent our own history and culture, which is basis for unity.

Lets not under estimate our women folk, who are more vulnerable yet stronger than any one, who are more intelligent and technocrats. The develoment of women in any country shows the develoment of community. Unless we are strong and respect our women, outsiders do not respect. Lets celebrate our own beauty, which is immense and natural. Lets have special programmes for their development.

As Baba Saheb said, only working class can rule the country, they should come into politics, thorugh political power only we can achieve our own space. Towards the dream of
Baba Saheb, we need to work hard to reach the goal, we need to develop our own skills and strengthen our community.

My appeal to all oppressed class people: If you are educated, employed please spend something to our society cash /kind. Stand with them, after all, you are the beneficiary of all the movements, give back to your society.

Lets make caste free society, work for Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedker vision.

Jai Bheem


(Courtesy DalitForDalits.COM)