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Hussainappa, a 25 years old dalit, congress activist was brutally murdered in his house first week of July, 2008. He was killed in his village in Nandigam, Maddur mandal of Mahabubnagar district. It is in a sleepy village of Telangana.

He was killed because of the sin he committed in this land. He questioned local Dora, a Reddy landlord, of the village against whom no body ever uttered a word till now. He asked for payment of the wages for labour provided by a dalit woman.

He was killed because he asked for payment of the service rendered to the Dora. Reddy dora was in fumes as no one ever dared to question their power and autocratic rule that was above the Indian Constitution for decades and the law of British Queen for generations. No body every asked for explanation in the gram panchayat that has been his mouthpiece for ages.

Hussainappa, a young activist from dalit background, was threatened and attacked before his death, he went to the local MLA with his mother for protection from heinous hooligans who are after his blood. He was advised to leave the village otherwise he would be killed. He was innocent, he thought, his sincere work as a Congress activist would give him some strength in his fighting. He forgot that the same Congress MLA was also a kin of the other Reddy, who is ruling from the time of NTR in Kodangal area against whom nobody ever dared to stand up and question.

He didn’t know that what he learnt in text books in schools and what her heard from teachers on school is all bullshit. he believed there is freedom in this world and he was also like any other human being. he wanted to ask what his conscience told him to ask for the wages of his labor. He got wages for his sins of believing in truth .

Hussainappa as naive and stupid dalit forgot that all police and other MLAs work only for the ‘caste’ members of the community. He didn’t know the reality of how the society works and he believed that this is society where everybody is equal and that nobody is above another citizen.

He tried to seek justice under SC ST Atrocities Act that was not registered by the officials. On the contrary for daring to come all the way to file a complaint he butchered into pieces. Wages of sins he committed in democratic India!

A hero, an innocent soul that believed in truth and equality was killed in day light. So no one will ever say human beings are equal and ever ask for protection of the Constitution that says you are free Indians

He died in a pool of blood. After his death, a few people’s organisations called for a meeting and dharna in Kodangal town of Mahabubnagar district, yesterday. Police refused to give permission, still they went ahead. They implemented Act 30, around 2000 CRPF Jawans were all over the place. One small pamphlet made them to come that place to protect the prestige of local MLA. Dora managed to utilize local laws, people in power, and the shield of law all turned in his service instead of serving the citizen of this country

He used his party’s SC Cell, local agents for his purpose against these civic societies.
What a democracy that we have in Telangana today after 60 years of independence from colonial rule? Hats off and heads hung in shame as no one in the society today talks of this day light murder of basic human values.

Today, Praja Yudha Nowka Gaddar is receiving threatening calls. He approached police for his safety. He was leader, dalit Puli, but do not have protection. There may be any force, or group tomorrow who can kill anyone who is questioning the system. Any party in India only works for exploiting classes and castes.

We are silent when our resources were looted, when our women were raped, when our lives pulled away from us. Where are people’s struggles gone?

There are Che Guveras and Castros and Saddams.to inspire generations. We have our illustrious leaders like Bhagath Singh, Subash Chandra Bose, Ambedkar, Devulapalli Venkateswara Rao, Nagi Reddy, Mallu Swarajyam, Maqdoom Mohiuddin, Belli Lalitha, and others in thousands over the decades
When will our society rise to become human form within. When we raise our voice against injustice against anybody irrespective of what caste he or she belongs

Look for a day when we all feel glad to be part of this society that respects humanity and that nobody did any mistake for taking birth in any house or caste or community

Hoping for better humanity, dignity and Telangana