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Yet another tide, another wave to buy off Telangana politicians and wipe off people’s aspirations for a separate state. All drama with eyes set on next elections and grand designs to kill the spirit of Telangana for five more years and forever.

Another drama ! This time really with drama artists and guys with track record of dancing to the tune of money bags!

This drama is a lasting comment on the level to which the politics of this state have degenerated. An all time dip! This man from the cinema shooting sets has fixed the tag on every ever-willing-to-be-sold-characters who saw a tempting producer and director in Chiranjeevi who changed masks of an actor in favor of a political leader.

After all what is peak of ‘Natana‘ than politics in Telugu land?

Imagine how different political actors are planning to speak-new demand of ‘separate state’. Jai Chiranjeeva! is the slogan everywhere. It’s in the air, print and electronic media only showing Chiranjeevi and his activities.

Media that’s hysterical of a new character tempting many politicians to jump from the walls, pulling many neutralists to the ‘Chiru’ stream. Some guys already rushed saying that ‘Andhra Pradesh’ will be soon termed as ‘Santhoshandra Pradesh’ if Chiranjeevi comes into power. His ‘social justice’ promise looks like mantra to every activists to justify their new found loyalty.

Bahujan political pundits says this is the right time for new blood in the politics. Crazy to see how all these years, so many ‘parties’ less known to anybody beyond their own office bearers, national and local, survived without this new ‘social justice’.

Whats the drama going on with the political parties in Andhra Pradesh who are so shameless and turning pale and blue and doing all the tricks of apes do at the command of its master? Congress declaring the Kapus as BCs! Telangana politicians awaiting for some golden words from this actor turned-politician about taking some decision on Telangana some time just like any other guy has ever told. That’s enough to jump the wall for politicians and their intellectuals who are just waiting for the muhurtam.

What’s this actor-turned-politician going to say of Gandhi, Ambedkar, Phule , Mother Theresa that Telugu people didn’t know for last thirty years when Chiru was dancing to money bags in public?

Has Chiranjeevi discovered Gandhi, Ambedkar, Phule , Mother Theresa or brought them forefront?

How Chiranjeevi blood banks, eye banks are converting into ‘vote banks’ is a big story for fiction. it only happens in Telugu land! Another ‘andhravaala’ to rule Andhra & Telangana. It only happens to Telangana, every time, some thing or someone will come and suspend the movement. Its in 1951, 1969, 1982, 2001, 2004 and should one now in 2008?

People say, ‘Telangana people are innocent and they trust everyone and anyone‘. Do we trust again? Are our people tired of our politicians? Does our youth now reject our Telangana selfish parties? Any answers of the state of our politicians and their pundits and their countless front organizations?

Someone asked me interesting question that I only had questions but no answers. Yes! Lots of questions in my mind, I wish I had an answer, at least one, “why politicians or ‘intellectuals’ in Andhra Pradesh are jumping like hungry frogs on a rainy day“? Or an answer to why Telangana politicians are silent, why many crazy NRIs and local youth are investing their time and energy for a party that is owned and managed and by a Andhra actor ?

Why don’t they trust Telangana parties? Where did they fail? Don’t they have years of experience?

Ya! One answer I have many of those guys swarming around Chiranjeevi have betrayed their members or themselves, if they had none as any members, who spent all these years without knowing basics of what they were talking or preaching for years that they discovered was nonsense the moment they had fateful meeting of Chiranjeevi

He never spoke about Telangana and doesn’t know about it, until he gets something emerging someday from shaastreeya adhyayanam. But he’s comfortable talking of social justice agenda. How does one interprets this? A social justice that’s ignorant of regional imbalances, oppression of one region for ages, destruction of one’s culture and self respect! What is this historical ignorance of Chiranjeevi’s social justice that has zero knowledge on Telangana Issue?

For many mainstream politicians separate state is just for ‘Development’ of Telangana. Just an ‘economic development’, that too infrastructural development and question of budgets and seats and power for some local politician.

For tomorrow’s meeting in Tirupati, several lakhs of people are traveling, crores of rupees are spent, trains are booked in large number and ceded region is going to be filled with ‘mega fans’. We don’t have problems with Andhra people joining them but why Telangana leaders are also craving for an actor-turned-politician? Some claim that horoscopes reveal many Telangana leaders will join him, once he declares the party.

He says he is not against ‘separate states’. Another messiah kind towards to Telangana. What else, some of our opportunistic leaders are waiting to join him.

But Chiranjeevi is cautious and wants his horoscopes and numbers to confirm whether it is more profitable or when to talk of a better deal on this issue

Chiranjeevi is not in hurry as some politicians from Telangana are about his knowledge on ‘Telangana’ !

He will have scientific study or ‘consensus’. One more gentleman to talk of consensus and one more statement for some politicians to find reason to serve him. Congress, BJP, TDP and every party already said this. When will the separate state materialize? if at all with all these opportunistic alliances our politicians have, we will lose our rivers, lands, resources, jobs, cities !

Today, Rajaseker Reddy declared reservations to ‘Kapu’, really good entry for Chiranjeevi. Good gift by our CM to his best friend to play a great deal against anti-congress sections. We don’t even know what social movements now are and why they took so many years to see such results. One person can dictate the rules overnight and twist law and justice and governance as it pleases one’s whims and fancies. Whether its on Polavaram, 610 GO, Lanco Hills or SEZs. Abuse of power in any manner.

We need to boycott all those politicians, people who are going towards this new party, its nothing but selling away our basic right and agenda of ‘separate state’.

And build a movement with peoples strength based on our struggles of people against the Polavaram dam displacement, Polepally, Pothireddypadu, selling of Hyderabad to real estate and so on… … …

Jai Telangana,

Sujatha Surepally