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Andhra Pradesh is not only battle ground for many social movements but also the laboratory for many a political party to come, sink and keep floating for a while

Interestingly several seasoned politicians are looking towards ‘The Mega Star’. So many leaders who would not have touched a cinema character with a barge pole yesterday are seeing a messiah in him because of vote maths, magic of fans and the music of coins.

One can’t ignore the ‘caste’ factor and his regional background. Certainly the ‘star’ is bound to shine in Andhra Pradesh for a while.

A politician was expected to have hands on experience of working with people, understanding, knowledge of ideologies and philosophical vision and life dedicated for a cause. But here is one who doesn’t know of these and has been comfortably ignorant of everything a political leader ought to be knowing and doing and leading the people.

Politics have changed in Andhra Pradesh with Political parties launching much easier than a corporate body or pan shop. One can start it anytime on any date and run it in any manner one likes or dislikes

It was different context when ‘heroes’ like MJR, Jayalalitha, NTR entered politics. When they came, it was political vacuum in the country and there were not many parties or issues to contend with. Money didn’t flow from different corners like today.

Today looks like everyone wants to support Chiranjeevi. NRIs want him and some dalit bahujan leaders want him. Youth are fans of his ‘masala’ mass movies.

Question is why suddenly so much of ‘havoc’ in current politics? What are the issues involved in new party? Is it really going to make a difference? Does it transform and reform social system in Andhra Pradesh or bring social justice in coming days? Especially Telanganites, who are supporting Chiranjeevi must answer a few more questions.

Senior politicians are jumping into ‘Chiru’ party thinking that he is going to be a big man. Hari Rama Jogaiah, resigned congress and joined Chiranjeevi. What made him to join this just born politician? In his own words, one who entered politics only yesterday. If one is upset with existing policies and political party, they can think of fighting within or join any other better proven alternative party. What is Chiranjeevi who doesn’t have any policy or stand on anything yet? And who cannot invent any tomorrow. Why anybody should join Chiranjeevi today who is nothing but a film star, or a man from Andhra

Today several NRIs joined Chiranjeevi party in HITEX, Madhapur. Wondering how come suddenly our NRIs got so much love towards politics and country. Can anyone answer what is the reason behind it?

Interesting thing is Kathi Padma Rao, Goutham, Naragoni joined Chiranjeevi. Mahajana Party, the party that came into existence to question castiest politics and bring social justice is buried. You think these people who threw away social justice agenda are going to achieve their avowed dreams in the shadow of Chiranjeevi where the other day there were atrocities against dalits in Pottilanka in the name of Jai Chiranjeeva??? Mahajan party is planning to merge with Chiranjeevi. What a historic moment! What a shame!

How come years of experience, ideologies withered away in one go. ‘Political key is the master key to change the system‘, as Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar said. May be these leaders thought Chiranjeevi is the gateway to the master key. Now all these leaders are blind to Caste, Class and Region. Of course gender never mattered to most of them. What ‘filmi politics’ will change the entire society that these mahajan ‘leaders’ have believed is to be seen down the lane months later.

Telangana, an ever burning issue, without taking its name no party or individual survives. Many Telangana leaders are also waiting for a rising star. They didn’t decide yet, confused and waiting for ‘His Excellency’ to make just one ‘statement’ on Telangana. It can be anything like the congress whispered to the TRs five years ago, or the one like TDP said or the variant of anything that could be circulated as a promise for the time being for a lovely alliance and justify once jumping into the bandwagon of Chiranjeevi. Even after five decades, Telangana leaders love to be salesmen and faithful juniors in parties started, owned and run by non Telanganites. Tomorrow, he will announce a few words that would be yet another debatable thing like Mona Lisa’s smile would be discussed or like the promise of congress to TRS in 2004. And all our leaders would like to join him. Why they will again have alliances with outsiders and wait for one more elections.

If Chiranjeevi comes from Telangana, how will be the situation? Can’t imagine right now as no Telangana party will have so much of planning, schemers, sound technicians and script writers as Chiranjeevi has. Celebrations are going on in some Telangana areas too.

Its time to introspect, rethink and act. All those who are eagerly waiting and longing to join a party that doesn’t even have a name that doesn’t have any idea on anything have to be complimented for the strength of their characters!

What these people could not do for years in their respective parties are expecting to join the party and sell a new dream from Chiranjeevi party that is likely to become the biggest victims of every virus that can’t be booted or reformatted ever with so many put together in one system. One has to see what saves Chiranjeevi who is destined to be affected so early with so many unwanted elements.

Jai Telangana !