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After Chiranjeevi’s filmi release of ‘Praja Rajyam‘ to the cheers of youth or fans in lakhs in open air theatre at Tirupathi watching a real live show without retakes, there was another meeting next day of a different kind in Hyderabad.

It was a great live entertainment show, if not anything. But it was a nightmare for some gambler type politicians who saw a threat to their own vote fortunes in some measure or the other. The Chiranjeevi show was a great ‘fill in the blank’ that any one ready for conversion found it a great reason to divorce old vaadhe and flirt to a new tune.

Many Telangana politicians who were tight lipped as the indecisive Chiranjeevi and his funny shaastreeya adyayanam were saved by one more postponement of a one word answer Yes or No to Telangana. Good enough silence to drag the show till interval and end by another five years.

Speculations rife about the NTTP meeting on 27th August, 2008 at Nizam college a day after the Chiranjeevi drama. As ever, Telangana people never discourage any party meeting, their hopes and desires, interest reflect in their participation. People came in large number, ground was full. People from different districts, leaders, activists, sympathizers in large numbers.

NTTP stage had huge size pictures of martyrs along with Ambedkar, Gandhi , Komaram Bheem, Chakali Ailamma, Kaloji and others. Our own Telugu people and from our own struggles so close to our world of emotion and sentiment.

Meeting was a celebration of our folk culture, tribal culture, art and songs. Programme started with tribal dances and baby Manjulatha inspiring Telangana songs. It was a great welcome heartening and touching by all communities of Telangana – communities from rural and tribal pockets and Muslims- in support of Devender Goud. People interested in people’s Telangana is a beautiful celebration to remember.

The huge dias was also occupied with all leaders of small states from nook and corner of the country – Poorvanchal, Jammu, Gorkhaland, etc. Thanks to Niroop Reddy for bringing them all the way in support of Telangana and making it nation wide struggle with several small states activists who are willing to make a platform named as ‘National Federation of Small States’ with its office at Delhi and Niroop as the Co-Convenor.

Telangana issue is everywhere in and out the country since Nizam rule.

NTTP’s agenda? It’s clear that the party is not only looking into ‘vote politics’, its going to concentrate on ‘people’s movement’. Its not geographic Telangana and sharing a piece of the Telugu map for a new set of rulers.

Only people can bring Telangana, not votes and parties. Water, land grabbing, castes and reservations were discussed as party’s main agenda. However, there was no mention of women, not surprising ditto ditto with all earlier Telangana leaders or their advisors.

Most significant thing of Devender Goud’s approach was that We Shall Take Our Own Telangana and not just receive it from somebody. It’s the problem of other parties if they do not become sensible. We declare it is Telangana and let nobody dare stop it, he told. We start it by 2nd October and will have our own name in place of Andhra Pradesh, all name plates will be changed. No place for Andhra Pradesh any more in Telangana

By November 1st, we take to streets, villages, peace protest, come up with candle lighting, Telangana stickers in our houses and many more to tell the world that this is Telangana and its for people of Telangana only.

Let’s start our own way to bring our Telangana, a politician giving such a call will definitely make the difference in Telangana. All activists, forums must collaborate and make it a big success. Free Telangana from Andhra virus. But disappointing thing is Devender Goud’s praise of Chiranjeevi. Why people still plan to liberate Telangana with outsiders help?

Is it a signal for alliance with Chiranjeevi?, NTTP must be careful with such alliances, once again if we collaborate with Andhra politician, that too person like Chiranjeevi, who doesn’t even know ABCD of our Telangana people and politics.

Alliance with Chiranjeevi will undoubtedly put Telangana agenda into cold storage. Many political parties are bending towards Chiranjeevi only to have bite of vote bank.

How Telangana leaders forget Chranjeevi’s anti-Telangana cinemas, his own films like Bunny and other films. And his thirty years character that made fun of Telangana language in the films and kept selfish silence on the abuse of Telangana in film industry. Why doesn’t he have any shaastreetya adyayanam on the abuse and exploitation of Telangana in film industry?

After all what is he? His party boasts of Marpu (change). Only ‘change’ of a name or photograph, can’t be more than that. All issues like Telangana, categorization of SCs, Naxalism for him are sensitive and he can’t take a decision alone and wants ‘consensus’ and scientific study to tell him what these issues are. He even wants a scientific study on ‘madhya paana nishedham’. He is not against SEZs but only against grabbing arable lands, doesn’t mind them in barren lands. Any man with common sense, who understands the consequences of SEZs would never say yes to SEZ. That means he will not only have all the same policies of CBN and YSR but also that we are going to lose entire land for more SEZs and there will be no land left for poor in future. Chiranjeevi will implement effectively all the mad policies of the erstwhile governments!! And we have some Telangana leaders waiting to shake hands with him!!

I also felt uneasy with the way a filmy kind of song was presented for NTTP, aping chiranjeevi style?

Don’t know how far this party keeps up the promise but it was great to listen for the first time a Telangana party saying that We Will Take Our Telangana instead of begging somebody to give us our Telangana and waiting endlessly and knocking door after the door. Adukkune pratyeka Telangana nunchi swaavalambhanaku pilupu (from begging to self rule).

Jai Telangana,

Sujatha Surepally.