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Social Justice : The new song of all Telugu political parties !

Electoral politics are taking different shapes day by day in the state, beats all serial stories of fiction and entertainment. Politics, ideology, history, philosophies and legendary figures are given new turns by anybody and everybody.

Today every party is talking about ‘Social Justice’ including Chiranjeevi and YSR. Interestingly Chiranjeevi party’s slogan is Social Justice. Every one joining him is referring to Chiranjeevi’s 26 August promise of social justice and the new messiah’s quota for more seats. Recently ChandraBabu Naidu added 40% seats to youth, what he can do poor chap! not many elderly persons in TDP now, so many valasalu to ‘Chiru’ party.

Now even school kids will tell which party is for more justice by just counting number of seats offered by each of them. Its so simple. Why not the seasoned political coverts justify their new love for the sake of social justice?

After all what it is all this social justice which has become so freely available these days? Fans as well as the experienced politicians who are joining and looking for alliance with Chiranjeevi type social justice seem to be working on a fashionable short dialogue- SJ (social justice) or samajika nyayam.

How does social justice become a reality like in a self help cuisine book? What are its ingredients and how it should be concocted? All that was so enigmatic or complex and required movements for decades for some parties across the country has become simple suddenly thanks to DIY approach of new politicians and new approaches by today’s politicians of all shades.

Does discrimination and exploitation between sections of society go in a moment like TV ads on headaches or stains in a sink because now some politician ‘promised’ to bring SJ? Because (s)he invented the formula of SJ? At what percent quota do Equity, Equality, Fraternity, Self Respect and Self Rule become mantras from mere words of vote hungry politicians is interesting issue. You may jump to say the answer, of course at 33% or more!

Why Congress party that’s older than oldest fellows in any camp or the comrades shivering with new SJ? Why they are rushing to convert Kapus into BCs and offering 33.3% seats to BCs? How come the practice of TRS, TDP and CPI or CPM did not display any SJ all these years if the Chiranjeevi formula is so appealing to them now? Who stopped all these parties to ignore or deny social justice till now?

Past 60 and more years witnessed the struggles for freedom from Britishers, liberation for self rule, freedom from exploitative Nizam rule, freedom from castiest oppressive structures and gender discrimination, self respect and autonomy for regions and communities among other struggles of varied classes. All that is well captured by political parties who started the culture of posters with figures of the legendaries. Poster culture has captured it very well

These struggles and movements have transformed our society and have still long way to go. There are layers of inequalities and different worlds within us now with one fighting for the roti and ganji while the other is fighting for the variety in burgers. Now the towns are full of branded international goods priced in dollars and the million of Telugu people are struggling for survival.

There is so much of development today here & now. We need not go far to buy the world’s latest fashion. Here’s the mall for designer shopping and all the Netas displaying at least a dozen foreign goods on their bodies are full of pity for the hungry & farmer suicides and helpless Telangana

Development, economic growth, foreign education avenues, closure of local government schools, infrastructure and roads eating the villages and millions of poor and growing social unrest in the country are two sides of the coin. One shouldn’t forget the relation between them, which is taken as Great Indian Dream. All the parties in Telugu land are talking of doing best whatever earlier CMs have done. Implement same policies and if possible implement effectively!

All that is fine. vaanikante ghanudu veedu. But how did the social justice that was buried ten layers below the ground by the old parties will be now brought out and live with the same old policies put into perfect practice, nobody seems to ask. We have become fascinated by silly numbers.

Numbers! Numbers of all sorts. Numerology to start the parties and decide the number of seats to bargain or contest. Date of birth of ally party’s owner as basis of forging alliances. Percentage of votes and % of seats and percentage of philosophies. Numbers for the amounts to be spent & amount to be looted & used to buy votes. Everything is numbers and money! How does samajiika nyayam fit in this?

Modern politicians are not like ‘old’ leaders having philosophy, ethics and foresight and selflessness for social justice. Modern Telugu political messiahs are armed with numerologist, share brokers, fund raisers, match makers, match fixers and pundits who give new justifications like dalals in the share market talk with the help of numbers. This party will get so many seats and so we join at so and so date and so many and so much money and equivalent to so much of our seats. Therefore so much social justice for so and so cause. So we meet this party and we leave that party and yesterdays enemy is today’s first best choice. Oh yeah, our politicians have become intellectuals for doing the maths perfectly!

Anyone having any problem in understanding this truth, may consult horoscopes and numerology and fixers and take a calculator with the help of bright kid of tenth class if no Telugu intellectual is freely available around. You do it once or twice on your own, you will realize you have figured out how the formula works. Lets agree on basics before getting to complex things. Is eight better than six or not. Is 33% better than 20% or not? Once basics are agreed, one could see how numbers bring well being.

Imagine the parliament scene on Indo US Deal day or any other deal in any state why some opposition party leaders pretend to be blind to all mega projects that continue to be built with glory. Our politicians were tight lipped till the voting day. But everyone got the benefited. So if 33.3% is given, then is there any extra benefit for the particular group? We are not denying the proportionate representation demand though.

When there are more numbers there is more justice. When there is less, correspondingly, there is less justice. It seems this fundamental truth our politicians, both old and new, have come to understand so well now. That’s why they are competing with each other to have alliance with the party that’s going to spend more or reap more. Its just numbers

Social justice is made simple :

What is nature of any movement for justice in India? After all why Telugu politics have become like number and rupee mania? Will more seats be panacea to our society that becoming increasingly criminal, inhuman and poor and poisoned? Just increasing numbers may not bring social justice. We already have some percentages of all the communities, but are they leaders ever of their own community or the region?

Now Telugu parties seem to have evolved to having no party structures and philosophies and cadres and movements. They are like companies owned or sold or merged in accordance with market laws. They however need some promises (like dialogues in cinema) that seem to be better commodities. Parties now need dialogue writers, actors and some numbers. If possible some shaastreeya adyayanam and if time permits a bit of medho madhanam to ensure success at box office

Is it another ploy, for five more years? One actor is now dedicated to the role playing politics. Other politicians have already dedicated to play the role of actors. There are fans of all types. Oh yes, there is also head count of fans. Do ‘fans’ bring new breeze in the politics?

One knows that more raddhi paper to kabaadiwallah will get more money. But more numbers of BCs or more ladies or more Dalits or more OCs mean anything. Somehow politicians don’t seem to be as true as raddhi paper in the taraaju of social justice.

Jai Telangana,

Sujatha Surepally