Two interesting things are happening in Telangana. Mr. KCR, the Chariot of Telangana is doing ‘yaagam’ to achieve Telangana. On the other side Mr. Devender Goud with Andhra Prajarajyam’s Yuvaraj Pavan Kalyan is having a ‘samajika Telangana’ meeting, and another ‘yaagam’ in Arts College . Now it is Yaagams to achieve Telangana!

Each one has their own coteries, intellectuals, artists, youth wings, spokespersons. Common man of Telangana wonders which Goddess / God will give Telangana. Political cinema season started in Telangana, rich sections only will have chance. Poor chaps they are highly worried whether their seats or roles are guaranteed. After all they don’t want to lose their chance to serve the people

TRS and PRP+NTP each is busy giving shape to their dramas, allies, star cast, casting heroes, side heroes and supporting actors. Several producers are there these days. Desperate search for winning seats/ seat sharing/ alliances irrespective of party, ideology & region and past enmity or friendship with them

Political parties are too busy in this ‘chakkar’ having open/secret meetings with every one, whether its ‘right’ or ‘left’ or yesterday’s choicest enemy or otherwise

Telangana is ‘bangaru baathu’ (golden goose). Every politician talks of it now. Those who banned the very word & those who opposed it tooth & nail for decades and those who opposed TRS candidates in May 2008 by-polls & those who did not complete a scientific study on Telangana issue yet are also busy. TRS is also busy to see if there is any change of heart for good in Congress YSR & his madame so that one more time Telangana could be promised for this election too. Telangana is enchanting to the enemy & friend as well.

Last 5 years, Telangana has seen terrible nightmares. Discrimination and exploitation increased hundred fold. Everywhere ‘vidvamsam’ in the name of open cast mining, uranium, Polavaram, Pulichintala projects, wildlife sanctuaries metro rails, airports. Lakhs of tribals/ people were displaced and more are to be displaced. Lakhs of acres we already lost into new disastrous projects like SEZs in Polepally, Warangal , Ranga Reddy, Medak etc. No one knows where they will go. No political party or their spokespersons talk about the post displacement & post pauperization of Telangana

No jobs in the land of Telangana, even if there are jobs we dont get them, we dont send off / repatriate the outsiders who enjoy salaries promotions and power for years making mockery of those who talk of the movement.

We now love to maintain good relationship with outsiders and compete to get their approval. We are ‘aimless’, we seek blessings of settlers and we talk now SAMAIKYA TELUGU BOTHERHOOD in place of SAMAIKYAANDHRA. As somebody told we don’t have any enemies there. Its just an empty ‘battlefield’!

So we hear one shouting louder than the other. One claiming as more true Telangana champion than the other. Andharni kalpukocchinamu. Shatruvutho kooda chetulu kalipaanu, shatruvu sahakaaram kooda tecchinamu. Inka naake votleyyandi ani okarini minchi inkokaru vaagdhaanaalu guppistunaru

TDP Chandrababu, CPM Raghavulu, PRP Chiranjeevi have Telangana ‘leaders’ as mouth pieces. Telangana leaders do everything in the name of achieving Telangana. Their aim is only winning seats on conditions laid down by their big bosses & bigger allies from whom they beg for a better deal

Now a new thing is making rounds like we did hear every time there was voting season.. ‘Lets get first Telangana’ than we talk about rest of things. We heard the same thing in the debate about Polepally, Polavaram, Pulichintala, Metro Rail, Airport any other project that left painful history of great tragedies taking place at the time when there is movement for separate state!!

How does Telangana change overnight to become the panacea for farmers committing suicides, dying weavers, uprooted villages, unemployed youth? sort of queries our politician and intellectual friends say is not supposed to be asked for a few months till the ballot boxes are counted in the next elections. Why should one raise that blasphemous query and disappoint the friends. I will not ask till the ban on such questions is lifted ever.

How does the Telangana parties asking for one or two slices with TDP+CPM+CPI or plus or minus of CBN’s combinations or from the other camp PRP+NTP+xyz of Chirnajeevi’s of scientific recipe ensure our Telangana leaders to get the voice to stand for Telangana separate state? Do they get so many seats and different situation than one saw in 2004

Telangana, oh Telangana where is it available? who are its distributors? Hundred days BJP? Scientific research Chirnajeevi, old Samaikyaandhra gang leader CBN?

What’s YSR confidence? Some say its money. Well, where does that money come from? Why didnt we stop so many illegal and inhuman projects that feed YSR’s election machine why dint we challenge a singe project that is the secret of his wealth and might? Two Rs. kilo rice, 108 services, Arogya shree, 25 paisa loans to women, Indira Awas Yojana, job notifications, minorities interests etc make believe that his govt cares which the opposition parties fail to tell the people in crisis that they are concerned of sircilla weavers’ suicides, Polavaram displacement, Polepally farmers’ deaths. TRS leaders need map to reach our districts and locate where Polavaram or Polepally is. Its shocking to know that Mahbubnagar alone had 14 lakh laborers going out in search of jobs, many of them are dying in work place. No one knows where and how they are. We haven’t even touched the burning problems in Telangana, how do we get votes is the big question in front of every one. Even now its not too late. If we build a peoples movement and take up issues of livelihoods of the people and stop all projects that are looting our resources, then Telangana is not far. But that busy leaders running after Andhra bosses don’t seem to see.

Now the Telangana leaders pose one final query. Know who is asli and not so asli Telangana leader. How does Telangana Thalli know that? Both KCR and Goud are shouting a lot, both are speaking of only Telangana & a little better samajika Telangana, both are friends of one time samaikyaandhra hero and just changed Andhra cinema star, both are long members of NTR and his son-in-law led TDP, and to make things more difficult both are making yaagams. Even mother cannot find the real from the imposter!

Poor voters if they fail to identify who is asli, looks like the history will repeat.

We may end up in seeing our leaders performing one more yagnam every year till 2020.

Lets Join hands to save Telangana!

Jai Telangana

Sujatha Surepally