Sujatha Surepally

Sujatha Surepally


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  1. Sujatha Garu,

    Globally, there is an attempt to depoliticise the
    politics and make the ideas defunct. It is a challenge as non political politicians could only come from the gangs, mafias, property dealers, fil stars, corporate houses, Thanedars, so called heros of middle classes like Narayanmurthy, APJ Kalam, Ram Dev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The socalled leadership from the communities we are fighting for will also hail from the same non ideological front..It is time of politics of cooption with media playing an important role.. denying us the space and legimising the henious crimes, glorifying the rituals.

    Our work is difficult. The movement for an enlightened society does not succeed that easily. We need to put our hand together, think and act. I am not passimistic as the movements are developing but Indias Gods and Goddesses have potential threat to deradicalise every action..

    So keep fighting the Gods and their God man and Godesses too to enlighten those who are victim of their tyranny.

    In solidarity,

    Vidya Bhushan Rawat

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